1. Why is my country is not listed?

Please do email us at and tell us your full address, we will try our best to find a shipping company that ship to your country. However, we do not accept any PO BOX addresses.

2. I've been saving for some of the dresses and accessories, but now it's sold out, is there anyway I still can have it?

We have been receiving tons of emails and phone call regarding this case. We do understand how frustrating it is to have something that you really want and when you save up - its already gone. BONG'S item sometimes come up with  a limited pieces, due to the limitation of the fabrics. If we do not have the fabrics anymore, we can't produce it anymore for you. But please do email us at , and we will track down the item that you wanted, and try our best to make the pieces available for you.

3. I owned SelphieBong dresses that I bought last year, now I'm slimmer and toner, I can't fit the dress anymore, is there any alteration for SelphieBong?
SelphieBong custom made dresses is covered with 2 times free alteration for 1 year period, this is covering from very basic and simple alteration, such as shortening the hem. We also offer a one time free service for loose beads at the hem or patching a missing flowers. 
After 1 year, alteration fee will be US$ 100 per area. Shipping charges will be borne to customers. Please be noted that it might take 30 working days for a simple alteration to be done.
There is an alteration fee for Pret-A-Porter garment, all alteration fee is fixed.
Shortening Hem US$ 15 - 30
Adding Straps US$ 15
Adding Detachable Straps US$ 25
In / Out US$ 100 (depending on the possibilities)
Re-doing loose bead work US$ 50

The alteration will be done within minimum of 30 working days, depending on the difficulties and the queue. Shipping fee will be handled by the customer. We only accept BONG'S or SelphieBong products to be altered.

4. I want to have my own custom made dress made by SelphieBong, how much is the fee, and how to have the appointment?
SelphieBong garments has been known to be the best among the high end socialite and celebrities, our garments are made with a fine italian, french, spanish and other imported prestige fabrics. We took pride in creating your dresses. All prices are final. 

          Mini Dress Starting from US$ 3000

          Long Dress Starting From US$ 3790

          Ball Gown Starting From US$ 5490

          Haute Couture Pieces Starting From US$ 9490

For appointment with our designer, a commitment fee of US$ 500 will be needed for Bali Scheduled Booking, this amount is transferable as a store/online credit for purchase of our Ready to Wear Items or accessories if you change your mind. 
Please note that All appointments shall be made with a minimum of 21 days in advance.
You can call +62 87851396705 or contact our sales assistant to arrange an appointment, or simply email 

5. Is there anyway I can rental SelphieBong gowns? 
Yes, we do rental SelphieBong's gown only for custom made gowns and it depends on body type and sizes. It will be 75% from the total price and the gown must be returned within 10 days.
6. Does SelphieBong do home or out of town visits?
Yes. To have our designer come to your city and home for appointment, there will be an additional fee of US$ 2000 / day. Hotel and Return Flight ticket will be taken care off by the customer.
To make appointment on home visit, please book at least 2 months ahead.

7. I'm traveling to Bali and Jakarta, is there anyway I can pay with credit cards, to avoid shipping fee?
Yes, all of our boutiques and salon are supported by major credit cards.

Cant find your question here? simply email us at or and we will reply to you shortly.